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Why do I need an appointment?


Many of my clients who wear wigs are very private about it. Having other people browsing in the shop while they are trying on wigs can be uncomfortable or embarrassing for them. 


A high percentage of my clients have extremely compromised immune systems due to illness. 


Plain and simple, I'm old school when it comes to customer service. I like to direct all of my attention to the client as much as possible. You may notice if you call that you will most likely get my voicemail. Leaving a client "hanging" while I answer the phone just isn't my style. Keep in mind that you will be receiving the same courtesy when you are in my chair.


A lot of wig shops are what I refer to as wig "stores". You walk in, see a wig you like, pick the color you want off the shelf, pay and walk out. I don't operate this way. Yes, you absolutely have the option to buy directly off the shelf, but in most cases the proper color has to be ordered.  Not to worry. As long as it's in stock with my supplier, you'll have it within the week most times!

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